12 Days of Giveaways from Pocono Raceway

One item will be randomly selected and given away each on our Facebook & Twitter (@poconoraceway) from Monday, December 9 – Friday, December 20 at either 12 Noon ET or 6 p.m. ET.

Schedule of Giveaways: 

  • Friday 12/20 – Twitter (12 PM)

Giveaway Items (revealed at conclusion of each day’s giveaway):

  • Signed Dale Earnhardt Jr. Hat

Rules will be explained at the time of each respective giveaway. Randomly selected giveaway will be reveled at conclusion of each day’s contest along with randomly selected winner.

Also, everyone can be a winner with our NEW Gift Cards! Choose from $25, $50 or $100 gift cards…your choice! Click here to buy today!



  1. |

    as you can see my email is for dale sr. miss him. love pocono track ,we dont live far. when the track was frist builted my dad helped,we all miss doc.
    merry christmas and happy new year.

  2. FRED BELL |


  3. |

    would sure love to win some tix,, or memorabalia from the Tricky Triangle. Worked at Pocono in the 1990’2 as an Ambulance attendant, and loved the races. The nostalgia and hype over this place is amazing. Love me some Nascar Races. I was at the first inaugural Indy type races, but later with Nascar, and also as an ambulance attendant for the Italian Race Cars, Porches, Motorcycles and various other clubs. My favorite was the slider cars, and the mini Indy cars that ordinary folks could drive, my favorite memory was a guy driving an mini INdy Car, and his wife was camcording him, and he wasnt watching what he was doing and Slam, right into the Cement Barrier at Turn 3 going towards the start finish line, That was a funny moment, but I also had the chance to drive my own vehicle to an area on the infield, and I had to cross the track near Turn 1, and then drive the “Wrong Way” up pit road, and I cranked that SS 393 and went for broke for just a few minutes, and then shut it down. That was a blast. Love Pocono, but live in NC now. Would love some memorabalia, or better yet, tickets to a Nascar Race. Whooo Hoooo

  4. Michele Traver |

    My husband Joe and I spent out 25th wedding anniversary at Pocono Raceway. It was our first Nascar Race. We are so looking forword to doing it again. Everyone was so nice and friendly.. Great Weekend..

  5. janine la port |

    ‘GO POCO- YES, (not NO)! Luv to win anything, esp: Joey Logano items too! Met him@ the Midget Race Track a few years ago. What a sweetheart, & look@ his successes now! He even WON the *June Race here in 2012! Go ‘Pocono Joe’!

  6. love the track ive worked like 4 years now |

    i hope i can win i’ve worked there like 4 years now and would love to be a winner and jimmie johnson is the man

  7. Tamy Roberts |

    I Love going to Pocono, I and my Husband go to the June race every year. We bought a camper just to bring more family with us. It’s so much fun!

  8. dottie |

    i’ve been gping there for a long time. Took my daughter, now my granddaughter, grandson and my mom. ty Pocono for giving us some family time!

  9. Bill Brown |

    Since my wife and I bought a home in the Poconos friends and myself have been to the track four times. We love this track. Was very excited to hear of the Izod Indy race in July, it will be the highlight of this years vacation. Merry Christmas to all Pocono Staff and race fans, Happy New Year!

  10. Patty Fassnacht |

    Wising everyone at Pocono Raceway a Happy and SAFE Holiday. Please Keep all the familys all over the world who is having a rough time or has lost a loved one at this time of year. Love this track it is a very neat and clean and everyone is very nice to you when you come to this track. Happy New Years also!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pocono Raceway |

      Join us on each day during the 12 Days of Giveaways at the designated location (our Facebook or Twitter pages) and we’ll announce how to enter to win each day at the time of that day’s giveaway.

  11. Viola Rue |

    Love Pocono Raceway..never thought I would like NASCAR but Pocono Raceway has done it. Thank you Pocono Raceway for all the charitable donations you make every year. Wishing everyone who works at the raceway a “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and a “HAPPY NEW YEAR”.

  12. Larry Morosoff |

    What a great thing to do for all race fans. I have been a race fan since I was a kid. I am now 70 and still love racing.

  13. Dave Reese |

    I have so many fond memories of the early Schaefer 500’s when I freelanced for the Easton Express newspaper as a photographer at the races for a few years. I miss having those press credentials. Thanks for sharing these prizes. Good luck to everyone…

  14. jessica bowling |

    How Awesome this would be, love Long Pond and the Pocono Races best track ever for fans missed the 2013 season but would Love to return in 2014. :-)

  15. Rita Pritchard |

    I live nearby in Middletown,N.Y. My guy of 4 years is a Motorhead…He tries to race his 1978 Camaro Street Stock at Orange County Speedway. But being a self-employed mechanic working out of the back of his truck can make it rough out here.Ive never met a man that works as long and hard as he does. That is what caught my eye,about him.He built me my 1981 Camaro.Always my dream to have a Hot Rod. He has a 1969 Camaro, He never misses the races at middletown’s Speedway since he was a kid.He is 50 and has never been to Pocono Raceway.I’d love it if you could make that happen. Best Wishes and Peace to all.

    • Pocono Raceway |

      You will need to participate in each day’s giveaway in order to be eligible. Please see the page for the schedule and how you can participate! Thanks!

    • Pocono Raceway |

      You will need to enter each day in order to win. Please check the details in the page on each day’s time and location to participate. Thanks!

  16. Mary Wynn |

    I would so love to win tickets so I could take my hubby and son to a race or even win anything else so they could have a very Merry Christmas. We are die hard Nascar fans and would love to see a race in person.
    May you all have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!!! I HAVE THE NEED FOR SPEED!!!!!

  17. Tracy Lubeck |

    yepper thats what i thought i can never win any thing any where no matter what it is oh well thats my good luck for ya . (GO JEFF GORDON) MAYBE THIS COMING YEAR YOU GUYS CAN DO A LIL BETTER GOOD LUCK

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