2016 Jimmie Johnson Fan Experience

JJ Q&A N 2-01


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This year’s experience will feature an exclusive, kid-generated question-and-answer session with three-time Pocono winner, Jimmie Johnson. In addition to the Q & A, this year’s Jimmie Johnson Experience will include hand-on activities for kids to showcase the relationship between NASA and auto racing. Every child in attendance will receive a 12-page, four-color booklet centered around NASA’s Rockets 2 Racecars STEM Education.

If your kid is a fan of racing, this is a must-see experience for them.

But, don’t take our word for it…check out these past testimonials:

Sarah (Bethlehem, PA) says, “This event completely exceeded my expectations! Jimmie asked my daughter who her favorite driver was and she responded with “Danica”….as you can imagine everyone laughed and she became very embarrassed.  Jimmie came over and told her that’s exactly what his own daughter says too… Our kids felt like one in a million!”

Kevin (Stroudsburg, PA) says, “My 8 year old son (Brady) absolutely loved the experience. He was able to ask Jimmie a question. Jimmie’s response was in detail, and he really seems to care about providing a well thought response…My son will remember it for a lifetime.

Renee (Frackville, PA) says, “Enjoyable for both the parents and the children.”

Amy (Yardley, PA) says, “I would do it again and would certainly recommend it to others.”

Darryl (Bernville, PA) says, “Both my kids thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My 9 year old son told me he would never forget that day.”

Note: A Sunday Grandstand Gate Admission Ticket is also required.