Buyer’s Information

Who can purchase tickets through Pocono Ticket Marketplace

Pocono Ticket Marketplace is open to the general public.  Buyers must create an online account to be eligible for purchases.

Why should I use Pocono Raceway Ticket Marketplace as opposed to other third party resale sites?

Pocono Ticket Marketplace is a safe and secure site.  Pocono Raceway will facilitate the transaction:  charging your credit card and transferring monies to the seller.  In addition, Pocono Raceway will facilitate the delivery of the tickets you purchase.  The Pocono Raceway Box Office is available to support all Pocono Ticket Marketplace transactions.
The box office can be reached at 1-800-RACEWAY or by email .

How do I buy tickets?

There are two ways to select the race for which you would like to buy tickets:
– Under “Market View” click “Buy” next to the appropriate race.
– Use the Search tool to locate specific tickets
You will then see specific tickets that are available.  Follow the prompts through the Event, Billing and Credit Card Information.  Click “Submit” to confirm the purchase. Service fees apply to all buyer transactions..

Why can’t I find the race I’m looking for?

Tickets available on Pocono Ticket Marketplace are being sold by Pocono Raceway Renewal Ticket Holders.  If no one has posted tickets for a race you are looking for, log onto, our primary sales outlet.  You can also check back closer to the date of the race, as renewal ticket holders can choose to post tickets at any time.

What methods of payment are accepted through Pocono Ticket Marketplace?

All purchases must be made with a credit card.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

What are the costs associated with purchasing tickets on Ticket Rebound?

All tickets are offered at a fixed price or in an auction, in accordance with PA state law, as determined by the seller.  All purchases are subject to a 12% processing fee.  Additional fees will apply based on the delivery method you choose.

How do I receive my tickets?

You will have the option to:

Print your tickets at home:  The printout will have an active barcode and will be accepted as a valid ticket.

Pick up your tickets:  Tickets will be available for pickup the day of the race at will call.  Will call is located in the Pocono Raceway Box Office on Long Pond Rd or at the Gate 8 Box Office the day of the race.  Photo ID is required.  Only the purchaser is permitted to pick up the tickets.

*Delivery fees vary by method..

What do I do if I lose my tickets?

If you printed your tickets at home, you can log onto your Pocono Ticket Marketplace account and reprint your tickets.  The barcode on the old tickets will automatically be deactivated and these tickets will be invalid.  Your new tickets will be active and allow you to gain access to the raceway through our admissions gates.

  • For all other questions about lost tickets, please contact the Pocono Raceway Box Office at 1-800-RACEWAY or
  • How can I sell my tickets? Only 2009 Renewal Ticket Holders who have Sunday Grandstand tickets can post tickets for sale on Pocono Ticket Marketplace.