Sellers Guide: How to Sell Your Tickets

  1. Now that you have created an account, login and at the top of your screen click My Inventory on the menu bar.
  2. The items that appear under My Inventory are a list of the eligible inventory available for posting at the current time.  To post your tickets for sale, click Sell for the game you would like to post.

3.  Choose the seats you’d like to post by clicking the check boxes next to the seat location.  Please note: Parking is FREE at Pocono and is not available to be posted on Pocono Ticket Marketplace.

Depending on the number of seats you choose to post, the minimum posting value will populate.  You must set your posting price at or above the face value of the seat.

Next choose the type of listing you’d like to post.  Choosing Fixed Price Sale will post your tickets for sale on Pocono Ticket Marketplace at a fixed price.  When a buyer decides to purchase them, they’ll click Buy and the transaction is completed immediately at the price set in this screen.  Choosing Auction will post your tickets for sale as an auction, similar to other online auction sites. The price you set is the minimum bid amount that you will take for the tickets you are posting.  The auction will end at the time set by the ending dates (days and hours from the race), regardless of the number of bids, and the highest bidder will buy the tickets. Once an auction starts and bids have been made, you cannot remove or make changes to the listing.

The ending time is set using days and hours from the event.  All postings must end no later than 4 hours prior to the event.

The sale description box allows you to enter text about the seats you are posting to entice buyers.  You are not required to put anything in this field.  Please do not post any personal contact information, profanity or inappropriate language, inaccurate descriptions of the location, or links to outside websites.  Any of the actions listed above may result in your Pocono Ticket Marketplace access being revoked.

4. Once you have chosen the seats you’d like to sell and entered the required information, click Finish.  You will be taken to a confirmation screen detailing information about the seats you’ve just posted.  At this screen, click Finish.

Sellers Guide: View Your Posting

1. Once you’ve posted seats, click on My Market, along the menu bar at the top to view your postings.  The only listings that will appear in the My Market menu are those that are unsold.

If you have questions, please email the
Pocono Ticket Office