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Raceway Statement Regarding July Traffic

LONG POND, PA (July 9, 2013) – The following is a statement from Pocono Raceway President and CEO, Brandon Igdalsky, regarding the race traffic before and after the Pocono INDYCAR 400 Fueled by Sunoco on Sunday, July 7.

“The entire staff at Pocono Raceway thanks everyone in attendance at the Pocono INDYCAR 400 Fueled by Sunoco on Sunday, July 7. The number of race fans who witnessed the historic return of the IZOD IndyCar Series to “The Tricky Triangle” exceeded our expectations and we truly appreciated being able to share the experience with all of them. We would also like to express our gratitude to the INDYCAR teams, drivers and officials for putting on an amazing race.

Before and after the 400-mile open-wheel event, there was a large amount of traffic as fans tried to enter and exit our facility. After one of the most competitive races the Raceway has seen in years, fans expressed their disappointment, almost immediately, via social media posts, phone calls and through e-mails.

This week, we have meetings with state and local officials to find the exact reason for the breakdown and ensure these issues are resolved moving forward.

We sincerely apologize for the woes faced by dedicated race fans. As President and CEO of Pocono Raceway, I am making a solemn promise, to every race fan, we will do everything in our power to make the traffic situations better in the future.”


  1. Jim Moran |

    I’ve been visiting Pocono for over 10 years now, mainly RVing in the infield There were at best, 1/4 of the people in attendance at this past weekend’s Indycar race as compared to your twice-a-year NASCAR events (and decidedly less in the infield). I expect traffic at the end of any sports event, but nearly 2 hours to escape a parking lot with only 30K in attendance is highly excessive. More troubling was that the clearly hired/perturbed/indifferent/indignant traffic directors at Gate 5 were not allowing anyone to travel east on Long Pond Road upon exit, thus bypassing the 115 nonsense via backroads. Unless the track clearly advertises how it intends to correct the fiasco, I’m going to have to think long and hard about attending another event.

  2. Amy Grove |

    Wow…we must have been lucky. We came out of the infield and only had a small wait. Didn’t think it was that bad. Has anyone ever been to Indianapolis? THAT is bad traffic, but you deal with it.

  3. Brett Viglione |

    The problem was the tracks event workers. They had no idea how to direct that much traffic. On the way out many of them weren’t even working. I watched more than one sitting under trees doing nothing for well over an hour and a half while I sat in the parking lot. But that won’t stop me from coming next year because the Indy race was awesome.

  4. Scott Woods |

    Really enjoyed first time at POCONO raceway from COLUMBUS,IN. Weekend was worth traffic issues on race day.

  5. dre doGG |

    Great race and wonderful time at POCONO!

    Traffic tip: Bring a grill, charcoal, hot dogs and burgers along with some beverages. After the race make your food, drink your drink and listen to some tunes. You will not complain about traffic if you do this.

  6. Hope |

    I’m just wondering if the Traffic Issues was due to the Track/Izod’s failure to Staff the Parking Lot South of Hullman Street. This Lot collect’s the Traffic North-bound on Route 115 and work just fine for Traffic entering and leaving the Track.

  7. |

    Anybody that attends one of these races and thinks that they will be able to run to their cars and speed out of the parking lots obviously has never attended a race before. Even at a short track you get delayed to some extent. Either leave at the half way point of the race or settle back and take a nap in your car for an hour or so. Anyway, great job Pocono and we look forward to a return visit.

  8. Ron Bailey |

    As a life long race fan(and former track announcer), I can say I have always enjoyed Pocono. I can still remember Richard Petty in his blue Monte Carlo. The traffic situation for cup racing seemed to get so bad that we started attending the Saturday race only. We plan on making a trip back to the August cup race. After hearing from a friend about the traffic mess at the Indy car race we are second guessing. That crowd was only about 30,000…not the expected 80,000 for the cup cars. I wish you nothing but good luck in addressing an issue(why only now?) that seems to continue to plague the events at Pocono. Ron Bailey

  9. Ed Graffius |

    You can’t expect thousands of vehicles to get out of the parking areas in a short time.Just relax for a while after the race and wait for traffic to calm down a bit.

  10. John Higgins |

    Pocono Raceway has nothing to apologize for when it comes to traffic control. That apology should be coming from local and state police. I came in and exited via Route 115; the only “traffic control” along that route was zero officers on the way in, three on the way out, and a couple of signs. The day was a fantastic time, and this fan sincerely appreciate the efforts of everyone at Pocono Raceway for organizing such a great time.

  11. steve wainscott |

    Had a great time at the track for indy car, have not been there since 1974. looking forward to next year already. please post date as soon as possible, traffic was no problem as I live in Indianapolis and attend the 500 every year. THANK YOU

  12. Mike Dagon |

    Thank you for stepping up and apologizing Brandon. I am consistently impressed with you and your team since you took over the reigns at Pocono. The traffic was definitely an issue for our family. If you’re looking for an easy answer to what the issue was with entering the track (at least from the south) was, it’s this: traffic on 115 was diverted down Kuhenbeaker to Long Pond Road. This was a big mistake. Please allow us to continue on down 115 to the track entrance like we do for the NASCAR races. We are usually 5 minutes from the track after passing Kuhenbeaker. Turns out we were still 1 hour away because of being detoured around the track!

  13. Rich Dawson |

    Pocono area is not known for super highways. Went to Nascar in June. Stayed in Hawley, Pa. Tailgated for 2 hours after race and no traffic to mention leaving race. Beat advise is to hang out afterward. It was a lot of fun watching the semis leave near Long Pond Road while tailgating. The blame should not be placed on track owner. They provide free parking, allow coolers to be brought in and provide a great facility. Plan accordingly so you do not get discouraged.

  14. Barbara |

    Traffic is always a problem getting out of the track. This is the main reason we don’t come to the NASCAR Sprint Cup races. We attended the INDY 400 by Sunoco on July 7th and as we tried to exit the handicapped parking lot we were told the gate was closed and had to exit via the racetrack. Long Pond road was barely moving and when we reached Route 115 we were told we could not turn left going towards Effort. I would like to know why they closed the gate from the handicapped lot.

  15. Alex |

    CONGRATULATIONS POCONO RACEWAY on keeping your word and dealing with the traffic issue upon exiting the track after Sunday’s Go Bowling 400. We were on our way home in record time and thoroughly enjoyed driving the track before exiting. Thanks for a great weekend. We’ll be back next season!

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