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UPDATES: Pocono Improvement Projects 2011/2012

December 21, 2011

Hey race fans!

We apologize for the lack of updates, as brought to our attention from a Twitter follower. The track’s first layer is complete around our entire 2.5-mile Triangle! Pit road just got it’s final touches this week too! The only thing left is to add the rumble curb to the corners and lay down what the engineers call the “wearing” layer. That’s the final layer of asphalt that goes down. You can check out all the photos on our Facebook page. Click here to be sent directly to our Track Improvement Photo Album. Most of the production on the improvements are about wrapped up for the winter. Come spring time, and once the snow melts, crews will be back at it! Also, look for changes coming to the skeleton of our flagstand! We’re getting a brand new one and more work on that begins in Spring 2012! We hope you and your loved ones enjoy the Holiday!

Pocono Raceway


Weeks 3 & 4: October 9, 2011 – October 25, 2011

The first layer of new asphalt began early last week and is almost complete. Track crews have been putting in long hours, even through rain fall, to keep our project on schedule. Also during this time, construction has begun on the new flag stand and the old asphalt is being removed for our new concrete pit stalls. The new “Tricky Triangle” is coming around nicely and we’d love for you to check out the newest photos, added today, on Facebook.


Week 2: October 4, 2011 – October 8, 2011

All of the old asphalt, with the exception of pit road, was removed this week. Crews are working almost around the clock and moving very quickly. The first steps this week included removing the final asphalt pieces and smoothing out the base for the new asphalt. While this was going on, crews on the frontstretch completed the final steps before the addition of the new outer pit wall, separating pit road and the fronstretch. Luckily, the weather here has been very cooperative and we continue to be on schedule. To see new photos, visit us on Facebook.


Week 1: September 26 – October 3, 2011

The first step to the track improvements being made at Pocono Raceway for the 2012 season and beyond was removing the pit road wall and all S.A.F.E.R. barriers in each of our three corners. By Tuesday of last week, pit wall had been completely removed and Turn 1’s S.A.F.E.R. Barriers had been taken down. By week’s end, all S.A.F.E.R. barriers were brought down off the track and workers began the intricate process of milling our 2.5-mile Raceway. The process takes considerable time, but by Monday 10/3, almost 3/4 of the old racing surface had been removed. Photo’s below detail work being done. More photos can be found by visiting us on Facebook.


Day 2 - Turn 1 S.A.F.E.R. Removed

Day 2 - Turn 1 S.A.F.E.R. Removed


Day 1 – Pit Wall Removal

Day 4 - Turn 2

Day 3 - Pit Wall Down










Day 6 - Removing Pavement

Day 5 - Start/Finish Line










Day 7 - Frontstretch


  1. |

    its sucks to see the old pavement go and now that i know there will be a new surface and pit road i have to ask the question are you guys going to add more seats or leave it how it is and are you going to add lights to the speedway for maybe a night race next year for the cup series or any other auto racing series?

  2. Mark Paul Drabik |

    Hello, staff @ Pocono Raceway, I think it’s gr8 Your taking the time and spending the loot on the new track!!! I think it will make for some really great Raceing!!! i do miss the old cycle jamz i used to have so much fun @ them, But i settle for the 2 Races every Year!!! and I Hope it stays that way!!! God Bless You and Yours!!! Sincerely ,,, Mark PS. , Go Jeff Gordon and team!!!

  3. William "BUD" Beard |

    I went to the track for fifteen straight years moved up higher seats.. the last three years I have missed due to sickness and money.. but I am glad you are repaving the track it will mean faster racing and maybe more than one travel lane thru turn two. i am going to try to get back to the june race this coming year and continue the june race each year after. thank you pocono raceway staff keep it up.

    • Lou Tripodi |

      Hey Bud, hope you get better and make it to the track. Hope to see you there. Would be nice to see a night race.

  4. |

    ya its sad to see the track all torn up however im looking forward to seeing the new track. it will be nice however my question is any chance of some lights put in for one night race or in case we run out of day light like the one race a few yrs back? willing to pay more for the tickets.also i hear ya gonna shorten the race to 400 instead of the 400. or is that just a rumor?

  5. Mike Wilkinson |

    Great to see the improvements at one of my favorite tracks. Have been going to Pocono since 76 and have just about every program from that year. Got to know the Mattioli’s through my father. Great people and a great family. Is the banking going to change and will they be selling peices of the old track? Would love to get a peice of the start finish line and frame it with a picture of the track for my man cave.

  6. Mark Tyson |

    It’s great to see the Tricky Triangle renewed! It’s a challenging track for NASCAR, ARCA, and SRE Racing school. Can’t wait to see the new surface in 2012…long live Pocono!

  7. Jimbo "BUDMAN" Wiley |

    What are the chances of putting a replay monitor a top of the scoring pilon at the start/finish line?.I’ve been going up to pocono for 20 yrs.the replay monitors that you have down towards turn 1 is to far for me to see at the start/finish,and the one you have at turn 3 is turned so you really can’t see it right.If you would put one a top of the scoring pilon would solve that problem,Other than that I’m very happy with my 4 seats in sec.NC row 45 seats 19,20,21,22.I just recently drove pocono at the stockcar racing experience and it was on the bumpy side.I can’t wait to drive it with the new asphalt,the car should really stick to the track.

  8. john |

    i been to the races at pocono for my suggestion i wish they would put more stands between turns 1 and turn 2 it will bring more fans to your facility.

  9. Ray DiMarcello |

    I’m sure it will be fabulous and glad to see the continued investment. PLEASE also repace the infield sections. I attend track days at Pocono with a few car clubs and new infield sections would be awesome.

  10. Paul Cavaliere |

    glad your finally repaving that track, most people who watch and have never driven on it can’t appreciate it like I and other can, that track was patch city! the racers will love the new grip and I hope ou smooth out the high’s & lows too! I also would like to see a night race, that could make for a family weekend get away rather then a one da trip. I also hope the new smooth “flat” surface brings back the Indy cars to pocono, isn’t that why they stopped running there in the 1st place, too bumpy?
    good luck with the new surface!

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