The Fine Print

General Pocono Raceway Guidelines & Expectations

  • Pocono Raceway is a family-oriented facility; with this and your safety and enjoyment in mind, Pocono Raceway has instituted the following set of Policies and Guidelines.  For the comfort and convenience of all our fans, please read and abide by these policies and guidelines.
  • Pocono Raceway reserves the right to search and inspect all persons, vehicles and items entering the facility. Pocono Raceway reserves the right to refuse Admission and /or eject any person whose conduct is deemed, by Raceway officials as disorderly and/or violates the Policies & Procedures.  Any refusal or ejection may be without the refund of any portion of ticket purchase price.  For the safety of all our guests all Federal, State and Local Laws will be enforced.  Violators of any policies may be turned over to local police and are subject to arrest by local police.  Policies may change prior to each event based upon local, state or national situations.  Pocono Raceway (or its affiliates) assumes no liability for loss or damage by fire, theft or otherwise to you, your guests, any of your belongings or your vehicles – use of camping areas is at your own risk.
  • For ADA specific information please CLICK HERE
  • Ticket holders expressly understands and assumes all risks related to the event, whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual conduct of the event, and agrees that all event participants, sanctioning bodies and all employees, agents, officers and directors of Pocono International Raceway, Inc., its affiliates and subsidiaries are hereby released from any and all claims arising from the event.

 Rescheduling Policy

  • Racing Schedules are determined by sanctioning bodies (NASCAR, INDYCAR, ARCA and Pocono Raceway).
  • All tickets will be honored on the rescheduled race day, in the event of a delay or postponement.
  • All ticket sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.

The Pennsylvania Clean Indoor Air Act

  • The Clean Indoor Air Act does not allow smoking in the following infield areas:  Victory Circle Club, Roof Garden, Club Pocono & Cafeteria.
  • The Clean Indoor Air Act does not allow smoking in the following Grandstand side areas:  Sky Boxes, Private Sky Boxes, Terrace Club, Terrace Bistro, Chalet Village, Tricky Triangle Club, all Grandstand seating and all areas under the Grandstands.
  • The Clean Indoor Air Act includes all hallways, entrances and all restrooms associated with these areas.


  • Parking at Pocono Raceway is FREE
  • ADA parking is available CLICK HERE for more ADA specific information
  • Infield parking is restricted to fans with Infield specific tickets, access passes, parking passes, or credentials as determined by Pocono Raceway
  • Please do not block the flow of traffic – Fire and Emergency lanes must remain open at all times.
  • Commercial vehicles are not permitted
  • Open campfires or barrel fires are not permitted
  • Please be courteous of others, and do not occupy additional room next to a vehicle
  • Camping or sleeping in vehicles overnight is prohibited
  • Overnight parking is permitted in designated RV and Tent Camping areas

Gate Admission

  • ALL fans, regardless of age, are required to have a ticket for Sunday Gate Admission
  • Kids 12 and under are FREE on Friday and Saturday (based on individual event schedules)
  • Kids 12 and under are 50% off 100 and 200 level Sunday Grandstand seats
  • Special pricing on tickets for Kids 12 and under is intended as a courtesy to Pocono Raceway’s young fans and their families.  Abuse of this courtesy will be handled at the discretion of Pocono Raceway, and may result in ticket being revoked, or forfeited.

Yes, the following are permitted at Gate Admissions

  • Coolers no larger than 12” x 12”.
  • Strollers and baby seats on Friday and Saturday only.
  • Flags that are not attached to flagpoles, pencil sized stick flags.
  • Trained service animals that are leashed or harnessed.

Sorry, the following are not permitted at Gate Admissions

  • Coolers larger than 12” x 12”.
  • Glass of any kind, kegs and beer balls.
  • Water balloon launchers, super soakers, aerosol cans.
  • Umbrellas, skateboards, rollerblades, beach balls and other inflatable items, folding chairs, metal stadium seats, bicycles, carts, wagons, strollers and baby seats.
  • No flagpoles of any type.
  • Pets with the exception of trained service animals that are leashed or harnessed.
  • Items that obstruct views for other guests.
  • Weapons of any type.
  • Fireworks.
  • Unauthorized golf carts, scooters, ATV’s and any motorized two-wheel bikes
  • Spot lights, stage lights, live bands or live DJ’s.
  • Public address systems, bullhorns, other loud noise devices.
  • Unauthorized solicitation for donations.
  • Unauthorized sale or purchase of tickets.
  • Unauthorized selling of merchandise or services.
  • Unauthorized distribution of any item, flyers, pamphlets, etc.
  • Unauthorized entertaining.
  • Signage that is offensive, controversial or for commercial exploitation.
  • Under-age (under 21) consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages.
  • Illegal use, selling and/or possession of narcotics, dangerous drugs, prescription medications and other illegal substances.
  • Fighting or other instances of disorderly conduct.


Grandstand Code of Conduct

  • Do not stand on seats or remain standing on stairwells.
  • No seating of children on laps on Race Day (Sunday all seats are reserved).  
  • No swearing, use of profane language, lewd or indecent behavior.
  • No throwing objects toward or unto track.
  • Please do not drop cans or trash through Grandstand bleachers.
  • Please leave room for emergency vehicle access while in any line.
  • Please be responsible in the consumption of alcoholic beverages (must be 21 years of age).
  • SECTIONS 145 and 146 are consider FAMILY SECTIONS – ALCOHOL is prohibited from these sections


Rules and Policies for all RV and Tent Camping Areas:

  • Pocono Raceway provides a parking area only.  There are no water or electric hook-ups or dump stations.
  • All RV’s must be self-contained.  Self-contained is defined as any vehicle that has factory-installed bathroom facilities that include holding tanks for clean water, gray water, sewage and the required plumbing.  Also included are vehicles that have been professionally modified by an after-market installer.
  • All vehicles and items, must fit within the site.
  • Quiet time – noise restrictions applied from 12 midnight to 6 am.
  • Carbon monoxide is dangerous and can cause death or bodily harm.  For your safety, please make sure that all generators are properly ventilated.

Yes, the following are permitted in the Camping Areas

  • Tent camping in designated areas.
  • Family dog and/or cat in designated RV camping locations only (see pet policy).
  • Fiberglass, PVC, Vinyl Flagpoles – the top of a flagpole may not exceed a height of 15’ from ground surface and are not permitted within 20’ of overhead electrical lines.
  • All flags and banners must be lowered one hour prior to any track activity (practice, qualifying and races).
  • Campfires are permitted in designated Camping Areas, but must be contained and above ground.

Sorry, the following are not permitted in the Camping Areas

  • Tractor-trailer rigs .
  • Wastewater dumping is a violation of Pocono Raceway and Pennsylvania State Law.
  • The roping or blocking off of space for any reason .
  • Damaging of Infield road courses, no stakes can be driven into any asphalt.
  • Dumping of ashes on ground or pavement.
  • Generators in Tent Camping areas.
  • Pets in Tent Camping areas.
  • Steel, aluminum or other metal Flag Poles.
  • Due to low flying aircraft, kites are not permitted.
  • No outside catering allowed on Raceway property.  All catering must be coordinated through Mountain Concessions, Inc. at 570-646-3034.

Pet Policy and Leash Rule

  • No aggressive or unfriendly dogs will be allowed to stay in RV camping areas.
  • All pets must be on leash when out of RV.  Leash cannot exceed 6’.
  • No pet can be left tied up and unattended.
  • Campers must clean up after their pets and waste properly disposed of.
  • Allowing your pet to bark uncontrollably will not be permitted.
  • Sorry, pets are not permitted in the Paddock area, pits or through any grandstand gates.

Pit / Paddock

While the pre-Race Pit /Paddock Pass and/or Paddock Pass provides one of the most exclusive forms of access at Pocono Raceway, there are several things to note before enjoying your experience.  Please read carefully as there are different considerations depending on the sanctioning body of the race: NASCAR or INDYCAR.

General Pocono Raceway Pit/Paddock Requirements

  • A Daily Admission ticket must be purchased for each day that you wish to use the Pre-Race Pit/Paddock Pass and/or Paddock Pass.
  • The Pre-Race Pit/Paddock Pass and/or Paddock Pass alone is not valid for Raceway Gate Admission at any time.
  • Pit/Paddock Pass and/or Paddock Pass are void until validated at designated validation booths.
  • Everyone, regardless of age, must have a Pre-Race Pit/Paddock Pass and/or Paddock Pass to enter the Paddock Area at all times.
  • The Paddock Area opens when admission gates open; On Sunday, we suggest you validate your pass prior to10:00am.
  • The Paddock Area can be heavily congested.  Please make sure your travel plans include possible traffic delays.
  • No refunds will be issued for unused passes.
  • The credential or wristband should be worn and in sight at all times and accompanied by a photo ID for everyone aged 18 and over.
  • Shirts and Shoes are required at all times to enter the Paddock, Pit and/or Garage Areas.
  • Coolers are not allowed in the Pit Area.  Chairs are not allowed in the Pit and Paddock Area.
  • Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages are not allowed on Pit Road.
  • All requirements are subject to change without notice as determined by Pocono Raceway and/or sanctioning bodies.
  • Pre-Race Pit/ Paddock Passes and/or Paddock Passes are NOT transferrable and may not be bartered, sold or otherwise transferred to another person.

NASCAR Specific Pit/Paddock Requirements

  • Paddock Privileges – access Friday, Saturday and Sunday including Autograph Alley.
  • Pre-Race Pit access on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at designated times.
  • To enter the Pre-Race Pit Area on Friday and Saturday, you must be 18 years of age or older (photo ID required).
  • On Sunday, Pre-Race Pit Area opens to ALL ages.  Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult to enter.
  • The Pit  Area will close approximately one hour before the Race begins or when deemed necessary by the sanctioning body or track officials.
  • A Pit Pass credential does not permit access to the NASCAR Garage at any time.  All Pit Access is at the discretion of NASCAR officials.  Garage passes are issued by NASCAR and are reserved for team members and their guests and are not for sale to the public.
  • Autograph’s:  We do not know when drivers will be on Pit Road.  We cannot guarantee autographs.

INDYCAR Specific Paddock Requirements

  • Paddock access Saturday and/or Sunday.
  • Garage and Pit Road access void until Paddock Voucher is validated at designated validation booths for wristband.
  • Must be 12 years of age or older to access Garage Area.  12-17 with minors release, 18 and older with adult release (Photo ID required).
  • Must be 18 years of age or older (Photo ID required) to access Pre-Race Pit Road.  Adult release required.
  • Once validated, wristband is good for Garage Access and/or Pre-Race Pit Access on Saturday and/or Sunday at designated times as determined by age restrictions.
  • Do not remove wristband.  Only one wristband will be issued for entire weekend.
  • Wristband valid only with event date specific voucher.
  • The Pit  Area will close approximately one hour before the Race begins or when deemed necessary by the sanctioning body or track officials.
  • A parent of guardian must sign a Minor Release for guests ages 12-17.
  • Wristband and valid event-day Paddock voucher must be present at all times to access Garage Area and/or Pit Road.


Additional NASCAR Information

“NASCAR owns all rights to broadcast, transmit, film, tape, capture, overhear, photograph, collect or record by any means (including but not limited to television, cable television, radio, pay-per-view, closed circuit television, satellite signal, digital signal, and the Internet) all images, sounds and data arising from or during any NASCAR Event and NASCAR shall be the sole owner of any and all copyrights, intellectual property rights, and proprietary rights worldwide in and to these works and in and to any other works, copyrightable or otherwise, created from the images sounds and data arising from or during any NASCAR Event. The bearer of any tickets purchased via this document agrees not to take any action, or cause others to take any action, which would contravene, diminish, encroach or infringe upon these NASCAR rights.”



Additional IndyCar Information

I UNDERSTAND THAT PARTICIPATION IN THIS EVENT IS AT MY OWN RISK AND COMES WITH RESPONSIBLITIES. By use of this Ticket and/or other Event admission material, I am agreeing to each and all of the following terms.

I expressly assume all risk incident to the event, whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual conduct of the event. I HEREBY RELEASE all event participants, sanctioning bodies, Indy Racing League, LLC d/b/a INDYCAR (“INDYCAR”), and their officers, directors, members, owners, successors, assigns, agents, employees, representatives, and affiliates from any and all claims arising from the event, including claims of negligence of released parties. I grant INDYCAR and its designees the right to use my image and/or likeness in any live or recorded video display or other transmission or reproduction of the event, including without limitation my rights of publicity. All rights to broadcast, record, photograph, repeat, reproduce or recreate the event are reserved by INDYCAR. I agree not to take any action, or cause others to take any action, which would infringe on the rights of INDYCAR or its designees. I am not entitled to a refund, replacement Ticket and/or other Event admission material or to payment for any damages of any kind for any reason from INDYCAR, including without limitation cancellation, shortening or other alteration of the event.