Our Staff

Dr. Rose Mattioli – Chairman of the Board

Brandon Igdalsky – President & CEO
Twitter: @bigdalsky

Nick Igdalsky – Chief Operating Officer
Ben May – Chief Marketing Officer
Looie McNally – President, Mountain Concessions, Inc.
Michelle Mattioli-Kulick – Director, Special Projects and Archives

Pocono Raceway Staff (Listed Alphabetically)
Patti Angeloni – Vice President, Credentials
Barbara Arroyo – Administrative Assistant, Special Events
Gary Blakeslee – Maintenance
Patrick Coville – Operations
Sandy Deleon – Coordinator, Special Projects, Mountain Concessions
Ricky Durst – Senior Director, Marketing & Ticketing
Mike Evranian – Senior Director, Business Development
George Ewald – Vice President/Track Superintendent
Maryellyn Ewald – Executive Secretary (Dr. Rose Mattioli/George Ewald/Looie McNally)
Eric Flood – Director, Business Development
Steve Goucher – Maintenance
Tammy Gower – Manager, Ticket Services
Roger Green – Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
Kevin Heaney – Director, Media Relations
Kevin Henry – Senior Director, Facility Operations
Lee Horner – Operations
Alex Keenhold – Operations Assistant
Cody Knecht – Maintenance
Brittney Krueger – Senior Representative, Ticketing
Elizabeth Kulick – Vice President
Michael Kulick – Vice President
JJ LaRose – Manager, Marketing and Promotions
Joe Manson – Maintenance
Chase Mattioli – Vice President
Joe Mattioli IV – Vice President
Lovena Mattioli – Controller
Bob Pallo – Vice President, Military Affairs
Ginny Pallo – Administrative Assistant, Military Affairs
Denise Pandaliano- Administrative Assistant, Media Relations
Bob Pleban – Vice President, Administration
Robert Repa – Maintenance
Christina Rodis-Durst – Specialist, Community Partnerships
Dave Richards – Fire Chief
Michael Riley – Maintenance
David Sodl – Operations
Steve Sodl – Director, Track Operations
David Spezzia – Operations
Don Swerdon – Maintenance Supervisor
Kevin Teel – Senior Representative, Ticketing
Ginny Terry – Catering Operations Manager, Spectra Food Services and Hospitality
Ashley Walsh – Corporate Secretary/Treasurer & Executive Director, Village at Pocono
Brian Walters – Maintenance
Starr Warner –Administrative Assistant, Operations
Ryan Yanoshak – Senior Director, Communications