Meet Pocono Raceway's Tricky

Meet Tricky


Name: Tricky

Birthday: May 10th

Height: 6’5″ to the ears!

Weight: 186 lbs

Birthplace: Long Pond, PA

Hobbies: Dancing, Skateboarding, Racing & Recycling

Current Residence: Tricky’s Kit Kamp

Relationship Status: Single & Ready to Mingle

Role Models: Dr. Joe & Dr. Rose Mattioli

History: The Mattioli Doctors took in Tricky when he was only a little kit.  When Dr. Joe found him, Tricky was suffering from a terrible toothache.  Being a dentist, Dr. Joe brought Tricky home and took care of his tiny little teeth.  After getting his teeth fixed, Tricky told Dr. Rose the tale of how he lost his home.  The Doctors, taken back by Tricky’s story, told him that he could live at the race track, and they would help him to reclaim the Poconos from trash through reducing, reusing, and recycling!  Tricky now tries to teach race fans how to go green, because he knows “it’s not that tricky.”


Movies: The Fantastic Mr. Fox; The Fox & the Hound

Food: Green Jalapeño Hot Dogs

Color: Green

Actor: Michael J. Fox

Songs: “It’s Tricky” – Run D.M.C.

Place to Hang Out: Tricky’s Kit Kamp, Kid’s Zone, Victory Lane, Kid’s Day