2012 Charity Car Wash, Drive the Track

Pocono Raceway to Host 2012 Charity Car Wash
Includes Track Lap, All Proceeds Benefit United Way of Monroe County

LONG POND, PA (July 13, 2012) –
Pocono Raceway announced today they will host the 2012 Charity Car Wash, which will include the opportunity for donors to take their personal vehicles around their 2.5-mile Superspeedway, on Saturday, July 28th from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET. All proceeds will benefit the United Way of Monroe County.

For a donation of $10, per vehicle, individuals can choose from two options. Option one includes volunteers washing the attendees’ vehicle, followed by a controlled-speed lap around the Raceway. Option two includes the lap around the track, without the car wash.

“We are very excited about this year’s Charity Car Wash for a worthy charity located within our Pocono community” said Brandon Igdalsky, Pocono Raceway’s President and CEO. “Last year’s car wash was a huge success as individuals came out, under rainy conditions, for a chance to take a thrilling lap around our Raceway. By moving this date later in the summer, holding it on a weekend and allowing fans to take their vehicle out on our recently-repaved track for the first time, we are expecting a great turnout to raise money for the United Way of Monroe County.”

The 2012 Charity Car Wash will begin inside the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Garage area, inside Pocono Raceway. Attendees will enter through the Gate 1 Tunnel at Earnhardt Road, located off Long Pond Road. Signs inside the facility will guide individuals to the Garage area. Cash and checks, written to The United Way of Monroe County, will be accepted. There is no limited on the amount of times a vehicle can go through the process, but each car wash and/or lap will require a $10 donation. This event is rain or shine.

Staffing the event will be members of the Pocono Raceway staff and community volunteers associated with the United Way of Monroe County.



  1. John Moren |

    Legal and safety reasons being understood, How fast will I be able to drive on the track? I assume we will be following a pace car.

    • Pocono Raceway |

      Douglas – It depends on how many cars we have doing laps that day. It could occur that way, with 10 consecutive laps, or we will bring you down pit road to collect other cars waiting in line to keep the line flowing. Either way, there is no limit on the number of laps you can purchase through the donation. Thanks!

      • Douglas Hoose |

        Thanks for the answer. I will do my best to get there. Sounds like fun. I did the Richard Petty ride-a-long several years ago and loved it.

  2. Lauren |

    My son is 3 and would love to be in the car do take a lap around the track but 75 seems alittle fast. Are there slower options for us who would just like a “lazy” lap?

  3. Cheryl |

    I understand the pace car will be going 75. Are slower laps allowed? Are children and passengers allowed to be in the car?? Is there a place for passengers and children to watch safely? I’d love some more details please.

  4. Sara Sweet |

    hi, i was wondering if you were still accepting volunteers for saturday or if they had to be from United Way? im 17 and i would love to help if it is possible.

  5. Bob |

    Will there be a chance to drive on the road course section, or just the oval? Sounds like a GREAT event….see you there.

  6. John Moren |

    Just got back from the track. What a great time. Paid for 6 laps. I drove 3 ,wife drove 3, Son enjoyed all 6! Thanks Pocono raceway and United way.

  7. Craig |

    I went to the track yesterday afternoon. Did 2 laps. What a blast! I hope Pocono Raceway and United Way do this again. I will definitely go for more laps. Thanks!!

  8. Barb & Gordon Myers |

    We did 4 laps and loved every minute! Can’t wait to do more next year. Thanks to Pocono and the United Way.

  9. Barb & Gordon Myers |

    Thank you Pocono and the United Way. We loved our 4 laps. Can’t wait to do more next year.

  10. Deb |

    My husband did this last event and loved it. Do you e-mail anyone in advance when you are planning to do this so his family can come from out of state and do it with him? I only found out about this the day of the car wash and was not able to make arrangements to come this year.

    • Pocono Raceway |

      An email was sent out to our NY, PA & NJ database. Also, check our Facebook & Twitter pages for events like this all year long!

  11. Douglas Hoose |

    Sorry that I am late in posting a “Thank You” for providing this function. I gave $100 and did 10 laps. It was as awesome as it gets. The pace car driver was great! I would come back and do this again. Thanks again to the United Way and the staff at Pocono. I would recommened this to anyone.
    Doug Hoose, Sellersville, PA

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