Fund Established for Lightning Strike Victims

Pennsylvania 400 Memorial Fund Established
Benefits Victims of Lightning Strike Tragedy

LONG POND, PA (August 7, 2012) –
Pocono Raceway has established the Pennsylvania 400 Memorial Fund to benefit the victims of the lighting strike tragedy which occurred following the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Pocono Raceway on Sunday, August 5, 2012.

Donations will be accepted at any PNC Bank branch or by mailing checks/money orders, addressed to “Pennsylvania 400 Memorial Fund” to the following address:

Pocono Raceway
Attn: Pennsylvania 400 Memorial Fund
PO Box 500
1234 Long Pond Road
Long Pond, PA 18334


  1. Judy Vacula |

    I posted this on your FB wall yesterday. I am not sure if anyone read it, nor if anyone will read this. I also posted it on NASCAR’s FB page. I want you to know that not everybody is a critic of your actions. GOOD JOB POCONO! Doc would be proud. It seems to be a rough year up there.
    Thank you to Pocono Staff, vendors, NASCAR, and Emergency Personnel (vendors) who were involved in protecting, advising and aiding the public during this event. No one could know or begin to predict what God had planned for this day. You all were remarkable in keeping the crowd from panic. Speaking from my experience of being front row in the stands, we were one of the last to be able to leave the stands, your workers were phenominal in keeping public safety. Thank you for ALL that you have done.

    To my fellow NASCAR fans, please join me in this recognition. These people risked their own lives, not just yesterday, but on a daily basis for most, to keep you safe. This tragedy was by God’s hand. There will be no finger pointing or slander to Pocono or NASCAR. There will be no blaming of the fans. It was a mass exodus from the stands to a flood in the parking lot. There were NO better choices. Let the issue rest. Pray for the victoms & families. Research a better solution to the problem so we can learn for the future.

  2. Kyle Burkey |

    I was up there and not even 100 yards away from where the lighting hit. I will keep the family and friends in my prayers. Also the best of luck to them. I am sorry to hear about this.

  3. |

    My heart just breaks for all of the victims. It was tragic that it happened to so many but for Brian Zimmerman he paid the ultimate price. I Pray for Brian’s wife and children to find peace and comfort.

  4. James Tenney |

    We also attended Sun. Race but left after the first storm, we still have issues with what happened being that we were parked close to where it happened. I also posted this link on FB. God Bless all who were involved.

  5. Michelle VanDeWalker |

    o.k. I’ll be damned if NASCAR didnt know that the severe weather was only minutes away, My husband & I walked out to the car at Lap 86 & could clearly see the Black skies moving in “Very quickly”, We checked the radar on our cell phone & there was warnings on the doppler for Severe storms WELL in advance as well as lightening.
    We decided to go back to our campground to take shelter at that very moment.knowing the race would be called very soon,, We believe that if warning was given well in advance everyone that was injured or Killed from that lightening could have been possibly prevented,
    we feel ripped off for the hard earned money we spent to attend the Race, A
    Rain delay & they knew that that storm was only get enough laps to end it quickly!Race on Monday!
    Our condolences to the Family ! Nascar better do everything in their power to comfort you in your time of sorrow, not relying on Fans to donate to their error.

  6. Mike Sefchek |

    My heart goes out to the Zimmerman family for their loss. As a longtime fan of Nascar and regular attendee of Pocono events, I pray that Pocono AND Nascar does the right thing and takes care of the Zimmerman family, especially the children and their future.

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