Pocono Raceway’s Fan Spotlight!

Pocono Raceway wants to interact with you!

Wanna be in the newly launched Fan Spotlight? Wanna be seen on PoconoRaceway.com, Facebook & Twitter? Wanna show your friends and family your own PoconoRaceway.com webpage?

If so, send us quick e-mail to Poconoposse@poconoraceway.com and tell us why we should choose you?

Each week we will spotlight one of our amazing fans and give you your own Pocono Raceway webpage!

This weeks Super Fan is Sandi Korshnak from Madisonville, PA.  Check her out @ http://www.poconoraceway.com/fan-spotlight.html.



  1. John Hughes |

    Hi Im wondering if you can help me out or point me in the right direction. I am going to the August Sprint Cup race I purchased Terrace Box tickets. I called and told customer service that my wife has 2 replaced hips (which are now recalled can you imagine) and it would be tough on her hips to climb the bleacher steps to get to the terrace box seats. So the lady I talked to said to have our doctor fax a letter to the fax # the lady gave me and my ticket confirmation # included in the letter so we could use the elevator instead of climbing the steps. Our doctors office faxed this in early Febuary but we have not heard from Pocono. I dont want this to become a last minute issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerly, John Hughes (856-589-3639) 23 West Ave, Pitman NJ 08071.

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