Dr. Joseph Mattioli

Dr. Joseph Mattioli, Pocono Raceway Patriarch, Passes

Long Pond, PA (January 26, 2012) ― Dr. Joseph Mattioli, Pocono Raceway Founder and Chairman of the Board, passed away today at the Lehigh Valley Hospital Center, surrounded by his loving family following a lengthy illness. He was 86. “Doc” as he was known to friends and associates, was one of the most respected and admired men in automobile racing. He founded Pocono Raceway in the early 1960’s and has been at the helm of Pocono ever since. Under his leadership, the track grew in stature and has hosted 68 very successful NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Events. His passion and drive helped Pocono Raceway succeed when other tracks fell by the wayside. Pocono Raceway is the only remaining family owned and run track on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule. He was always concerned that race fans and race car drivers and their families were treated with the utmost respect and constantly upgraded procedures and Raceway facilities to meet that goal.

He kept his fingers on the pulse of stock car racing and read everything printed concerning the sport. He was in the office daily, until last fall, and oversaw all aspects of the Pocono Raceway operations. At age 83, Dr. Mattioli spearheaded an ambitious solar energy project. He built a three megawatt photovoltaic solar energy system on 25 acres at Pocono Raceway. It is the world’s largest solar-powered sports facility, making Pocono Raceway a leader in the renewable energy and environmental fields.

Dr. Mattioli was also well respected in the community. In 2009, he received the Philanthropic Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Association of Fundraising Professionals for his generous and continuous contributions to local civic organizations, hospitals, schools and charities. He served on the board of directors of numerous organizations and was dedicated to improving the quality of life in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

He served in the Pacific during World War Two as a Navy medic. Using the G.I. bill, he enrolled in the dentistry program at Temple University (where he met his soon to be wife, Rose.) Upon graduation, he developed his dental practice into a very lucrative business by working 12 to 14 hour days, six and sometimes seven days a week. He then began investing in and developing properties in Philadelphia and Northeastern Pennsylvania where he became involved in the start up of Pocono Raceway.

Dr. Mattioli is survived by his wife of 63 years, Dr. Rose, daughters Louie and Michele and son Joseph Mattioli III, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. His passing leaves a void in the NASCAR community and especially to his family and extended “Pocono Raceway” family.

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  1. Sally Chesnalavage |

    Michele and Family,
    I am so sorry to hear about your fathers passing. He truly has touched so many people and will be greatly missed. Please accept my deepest sympathy. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    Sally Chesnalavage

  2. Kenneth and Marlene Coville |

    Myself, my wife and sons have been employed at one time or another by the Mattioli family over the last 20+ years. The loss of this man is the same to us as the loss of a blood family member would be. Doc, we will truly miss you! We send our thoughts and prayers to the Mattioli family at this very sad time.

    Ken and Marlene Coville

  3. Frank Falco |

    My heart goes out to the entire Pocono family. I grew up at pocono and appreciate everything but Doc Joe did for the area and the track. HE is a great man.. He will be back sorely missed.

  4. Randy Stewart |

    Very sorry to hear about your loss. My wife and I have been going to races at Pocono for well over 20 years. RIP Doc.

  5. Scott Townsend |

    Thoughts and prayers to the Mattioli family and entire Pocono Raceway family. I’ve been a proud patron of Pocono and avid supporter of Pocono for over 20 years and Doc’s presence will surely be misssed but his legacy will live on. Thanks for the many years of treating race fans at the track like they were visitors in you home.
    Scott Townsend
    Baltimore, MD (formerly Dallas, PA)

  6. Arlene Stefan |

    It has been a pleasure and privilege knowing and working with Doc, Dr. Rose, and the entire family for the past 5 years. My deepest sympathies go out to each and every member of the family.

  7. Darlene Gantt |

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dr Rose and family. We know the hurt that you are experiencing. You have wonderful memories of your beloved to keep in your hearts. Praying for comfort and peace.



  9. |

    I was shocked to hear the news and im very saddened and sorry. Rip Doc Mattioli.
    God Bless the Mattioli family as well. Gonna be a sad ceromoney this coming June. Lets make it a special flyover in his honor………..maybe the stealth one more time. Deepest OF Sympathy,

  10. Laurie L Facciponti |

    So sad to hear about Doc’s passing. He followed his dream and built Pocono Raceway and over the years, thanks to him, millions of people have been able to come to the track and enjoy a fun filled weekend, or day at the track. I started going to the races with my 2 sons years ago and continue to attend when I can. Thanks to Doc, I can now come to Pocono and see the trucks race too. And he has taken the track into the future with it being the only track to have solar power. He had a vision and I for one, am glad that he saw it through. I hope his family continues the dream and that what he started will live on in his name. Thoughts and prayers for his wife, family and friends. He will be missed. I’m sure he will watch the races from above. May we make him proud!

  11. Garre Krayenhof |

    I, like so many race fans and support staff, am saddened at Doc’s passing. He brought some class to our sport and a great deal of fun to boot. I didn’t know the rest of his family except Joe III who was kind and helpful to me in my association with PIR.

    My deepest condolences to all of Doc’s family and friends.

    Garre Krayenhof
    A.R.P.A. (retired)
    Photographer and writer.

  12. John Saraniero |

    I had the honor of meeting Doc and Mario Andretti on the same day when I was helping at the track during a race…I was a little nervous meeting Doc and when he shook my hand he could not have been any friendlier. Rest in Peace Doc.

  13. Noel |

    Sorry to hear the passing of DR. joseph Mattioli I’m sure he will be sorrerly missed @ pocono long race track. My condelence to the family.

  14. Veronica Ann Tobin |

    I was shocked to hear of Doc Mattioli passing. My thoughts and prayers are with his intermediate family, friends and anyone who had the pleasure of knowing this woderful man through NASCAR. Will be attending the Ceremony in June 2012 in honoring Doc Mattioli, Pocono Raceway Founder and Chairman of the Board. You will be missed by all

  15. John Rehme |

    Sincere condolences to the Mattioli family. As a long time attendee of the races at Pocono, since the first Indy car race, what Dr. Mattioli did for this area of Penn. was awsome. His family should be proud of what all have achieved.
    I know he will be missed by all competitors and the race fans.

  16. Bill Norton |

    Reast in Peace Dr. Joe. Your hand at the wheel of P.I.R. will be missed. Our prayers are with the Mattioli family during the time of saddness.

  17. Jim Bouvier/Dust From The Speedways-Fairfield, CT. |

    Dr. Joe was truly “one of a kind”. Have many fond memories of working with himself and his family since we started in this sport back in the ’70’s both on the media and business sides. Wish all of us had the determination he had when the going got tough a couple of times through the years. The best memory I have is when he used to be out there in the muddy parking lots directing traffic when the majority owner of the place could have been somewhere else doing the VIP thing. RIP Dr. Joe and God Bless Rose. Jimmy

  18. Judie Polkowski |

    My prayers go out to the entire Mattiolli family and employees of Pocono but especially to Doc Rose. Doc and Rose had determination and a dream and strived to obtain that. I know it wasn’t easy. Thanks to them we have NASCAR in the Poconos.
    They always made time for the fans. I know, I met them and experienced their hospitality on numerous occassions. They made you feel important and welcome.

    Rest in peace Doc. You were a true legend and ICON in this sport. We will all miss you.
    Say hi to Bill, Dale, Lee, Adam,DAvey, Alan and JD and all the others that were waiting for you to build a track in Heaven.

    Judie Polkowski

  19. Mike Meyers |

    My deepest condolences to the Mattioli and Igdalsky families. Dr. Mattioli was a great family man, a patriot, and a huge asset to our great sport. Pocono is our home track, and always will be …. thanks to Dr. Mattioli. May God rest his soul.

    Mike and Max

  20. David Spahr |

    My deepest sympathy to Rose and the rest Mattioli family.Doc was a true pioneer in the sport.His generosity to the poconos has been enormous and he will surely be missed.Rest in peace Doc and thank you for all your contributions on and off the race track.

  21. Robert and Joanne Wymer |

    Our Deepest Sympathy to Dr. Rose and all the Mattioli family. There were many years we remember being together for Mass at the Racetrack. “Doc” was such a wonderful person, as is Dr.Rose. He will be missed. Our thoughts and Prayers will be with you all.

  22. Vincent Sherel |

    I was saddened and sorry to hear the news of Dr. Mattioli passing.
    I have been attending NASCAR races at the track since the early 80’s and the fan experience has always been great. My prayers and thoughts go out to the Mattioli family. I hope this track last for a long time as his living memorial.
    Vince Sherel

  23. Ralph Depadua |

    Rest in Peace Sir God speed to you and sincere Condolences to the entire Family always remember he will be watching over you ..His Passion for the sport and his Family oriented Values were always Dear to Him …A Tribute to Him this June will heart felt by All …..

  24. |

    Rose, Brandon, Nick and the entire Mattioli Family are in the thoughts and prayers of the Belardi Family and our extended Family at Pocono Limousine Service. We know exactly what you are going through. Please accept our sincere condolances for your loss. If there is anything we can do for your family at this time we will be there.

  25. Carol (Marzzacco) Fink |

    Joe was a wonderful father, husband and cousin to me and all his relatives. His larger than life personality will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

  26. Ken Johnson |

    I am so sorry to hear that Dr Mattoili passed away. Doc was a very kind man and was there for all the times that I fell sick. I took over the handicapped parking and seating for Doc back in the 90’s and with his blessing, he said I could do what I had to and dont be afraid to ask for anything. After the death of my son,I had to retire from working at Pocono, but through the years, Doc and Rose still inquired how I was. Whenever he saw me he always wanted to know how I’m doing and his family was just as concerned. I extend my sympathy to the entire family and may you Rest in Peace Doc.

  27. Carol Dutcher Bream |

    The Dutcher family (originally from Rhawnhurst, Philadelphia) sends our sympathy to Dr. Rose and the whole Mattioli family. We all have great memories of Dr. Joe and Dr. Rose.

    Carol Dutcher Bream for Carol, Bill and Bob Dutcher

  28. The Board of Directors and Staff of the East Stroudsburg University Foundation |

    The East Stroudsburg University Foundation is deeply saddened to hear the news of the loss of Dr. Joseph “Doc” Mattioli, a generous philanthropist and friend of East Stroudsburg University and the ESU Foundation. Dr. Mattioli’s contributions to ESU, and to Northeastern Pennsylvania as a whole, will carry on for generations to come.

    May we offer our thoughts and prayers to the Mattioli family during this very difficult time.

  29. Patrick G |

    A few years ago i was standing in front of 2 of the most respected Team owners in Nascar and a former champion. (Jack Roush, Eddie Wood & Benny Parsons) On this same day i had the fortune of running into Doc Mattioli and his wife Rose. I was more excited to talk to Doc and Rose than all three of the people mentioned above. He was very cordial and welcoming. I felt like i knew him a long time. So i can imagine what the people who were close to Doc are going through at this tragic time. I only met him once and i feel a loss. My deepest sympathy to all of his Family and friends. Cherish your memories. This is a great loss to Nascar and Pennsylvania. Patrick G

  30. Thomas Lavan |

    I would like to extend my sincere condolonces and sympathy to the Mattioli family. he will be missed in the NASCAR world. I always enjoyed attending the races at Pocono. Doc, God bless and rest in peace.

  31. KIRK HIGGS Long Pond |

    Thanks Doc!!!! All your charity.. You gave and gave and gave……… For every thing you did for our Township……. Your Heart and Energy will be missed……. Seems to me the things you did in your life you did to make the world a Kinder, Warmer, More Gentle place…. Our County, our State and the whole Racing World knows just how special you were… I will miss seeing you smiling face on T.V. during the races… And that was something that really brought a smile to your face. Ride In Peace our Friends…. Kirk and Linda Higgs

  32. BILL YODER |




  33. Diane & Bob Heaney |

    From Race Fans whom are very fond or your raceway, we are very sorry to hear of your loss. With Deepest Sympathy, Bob & Diane Heaney

  34. Bill Jameson |

    I have noticed that the American Flag on the raceway property has been lowered to half staff following the announcement of Doc Mattioli’s death. Problem is, only the Govenor and/or the President are authorized to order the American Flag to half staff. I am not aware that either has issued such an order to mark the passing of anyone recently except for Joe Paterno, and that order issued by Governor Corbett was to lower the state flag to half staff (not the American Flag) from Jan 23-26. Just thought you should know. Sorry for your loss.

    • KIRK HIGGS Long Pond |

      If the flag is on private property, it’s up to you. Lots of people do it.
      The Key is Private Race Track Property they can do it.. you should know the rule before you say anything billy… It clear you dont know.. simple internet search would do……

    • KIRK HIGGS Long Pond |

      For private citizens, the Flag Code serves as a guide to be followed on a purely voluntary basis to insure proper respect for the flag. The Supreme Court has ruled that politically motivated violations of the Flag Code are protected by the First Amendment..The Flag Code has no provision for enforcement. No fines, no penalties..

      billy see tilte 4 chapter 1 and title 18 chapter 33. … just want people to know you are wrong and http://www.ushistory.org/BETSY/faq.htm know let Doc RIP……..

  35. rose m morrell |

    Our sympathies go out to Rose and all of you. Joe “JR” “Doc” was a terrific cousin and human being. His ambitious attempts to keep the Marzzaccco & Mattioli family in touch by all the family reunions is part of his legacy. Joe & Rose gave so much to so many and impacted so many lives. Please let us know whatever we can do to help. If any phone calls need to be made etc. Love to all. rose & bob

  36. Marianne Pindar |

    My deepest sympathies to the entire Mattioli family on the passing of one of NASCAR’s great icons. He is now part of Heavens great race club. Pocono will always be special to me, as my late daddy brought me here when I was just a young girl…I trek back annually to take in the sights and sounds and reconnect with those memories of my dad. Without Doc and Dr. Rose- I would not have that piece of nostalgia. So it with heartfelt saddness that I offer you my condolences. We will miss “Doc” but his memory will be eternal. God Bless you all.

  37. Debbie Goodman |

    My Deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the Mattioli family. Doc will be missed by many. I was very young when I was employed by the Mattioli family and they helped me to grow through the years. Doc Rose is an angel and Doc a wonderful man. I am glad that I had the opportunity to know Doc and his family and I want them to know my heart goes out to them all. Always cherish the memories.

  38. fran beach |

    pa has lost another hero…i’ve been going to pocono since it opened and am so grateful for doc and his wife and family for their hard work and efforts to bring racing here in nepa…what a beautiful facility …so many memories…when someone would ask my four children where they went for a vacation they would reply POCONO!!!now they are adults and spread out all over the usa…i still visit twice every summer and hope the mattioli’s will find comfort in knowing how much they are thought of and loved…thank you and godspeed DOC

  39. Terry Troop |

    My deepest condolences to the entire Mattioli family. Doc’s tenacity and accomplishments will always be remembered. May he rest in peace and may God’s peace give you strength at this most difficult time.

  40. Bill Hahn Sr / Motorsports Columnist / Bucks County Herald |

    Very sorry to hear of the passing of the man we in the racing business called ” Doc ” – He allways had a smile and always went out of his way to meet and greet us every time we were at Pocono . Especally will miss him at the Media Dinners he always had on the Friday of Race week , and his famous ” Docs Dogs ” . What a wonderful man / We will miss him !

  41. Bill Dutcher |

    Dr. Joe and Dr. Rose were our family’s dentist and foot doctor when I was growing up in Philadelphia, so I can say that they took care of us from head to toe. After each dental appointment, Dr. Joe would write me a “prescription” for an ice cream cone at Zeft’s Drug Store. Though the fillings he did long ago have surely been replaced, I still have some of his handiwork in my teeth, and I appreciate the kind and gentle care both he and Dr. Rose gave to all of us.

  42. Jjames Overmeyer |

    My deepest condolences to the Mattioli family. I have been to Pocono raceway five times and have always enjoyedit immensely. Doctor Joe made this world a better place and he is in a better place now.

  43. Jim & Ann Kaltreider |

    Sorry for your loss, we are Pa. national guard menbers and we all thank you for how we have been treated when at the track. Thank you for everything.

  44. Johnna |

    Dr Rose, My prayers to you and your family. I enjoyed our little chats at CVS:)although a long time ago, anytime I hear your name, I get a smile. thank you

  45. Robin |

    To the family of Dr Rose, I am so sorry for your lose, I am just know getting leave this message because of me having to have brain sugary. I am so sorry I did not get to tell you how sorry I am for your lose until now. Please forgive me for that. All my prayers and thoughts go out to you all. Dr Rose you will be Missed

  46. Todd Flyte |

    R.I.P doc.I injoyed working for you in 05 we will all miss you. you where one of the best guys to work for

  47. Dave Haggerty |

    I’m sorry this took so long,I didn’t know this site was here DOC WAS A GREAT GUY AND ALWAYS THOUGHT OF THE SMALL GUY AS MUCH AS THE BIG SHOTS Very sorry for the family,and to all the people left behind at the race track remember one thing do not sell out keep it run by the family and thank you for bringing indy cars back all the new nascar fans should come out and see what the track was build for,they will stand there with their mouth wide open when a car comes around 3 wide open or watching the pac go into 1 and screem up the long pond straight and for those of us who remember the north streight stands any how THANK YOU DOC I WAS THERE FOR THE FIRST RACE when Mark D and Penski won and am coming back for this first again once again sorry for your passing and you will always be a fans favorite

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