Go Green, it's not that TRICKY.

Pocono Raceway Solar Farm Hits Milestone

One Million Kilowatt Hours of Electricity Produced

December 9, 2010

Long Pond, PA….December 9, 2010…. Today, less than four months since energy production began at Pocono Raceway’s solar farm, the total amount of electricity produced by the 25 acre facility reached the 1,000,000 kilowatt hour (kWh) mark. The solar installation consists of 39,960 American made photovoltaic modules that will produce more than 72 million kilowatt hours (kWh)of energy over the next 20 years. The environmental attributes associated with the system will offset more than 3,100 Metric Tons of carbon dioxide annually and will generate enough power to provide the electricity needs for over 1,000 homes beyond the power needs of Pocono Raceway.

“This is an important milestone for Pocono Raceway,” said Brandon Igdalsky, Raceway President. “Pocono Raceway strongly believes in the commitment to operate in a more environmentally responsible way and is proud to be the first race track to power our sport with clean, renewable sunlight making it the world’s largest solar-powered sports facility. This solar power system, built with timber, steel and solar panels made in the U.S., satisfies all the Raceway’s energy needs, while helping to power local homes.  This project demonstrates real sustainability and proves that any business that truly wants to go green, can do it.”

The 1,000,000 (kWh) produced has already impacted the environment. The total energy generated equals the use of 5,705 light bulbs (60W) for one year at eight hours per day and represents a savings of 80,984 gallons of gasoline with a carbon dioxide (CO2) offset equaling that of 18,010 trees. The Raceway has been awarded a number of environmental awards for its sustainable energy efforts.

The Pocono Raceway solar farm is located along Long Pond Road adjacent to Pocono Raceway’s storied two and one-half mile Super Speedway. Pocono is the host of two NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race weekends each summer. The 30th annual Pocono 500 is scheduled for June 10-12. The 38th annual Pennsylvania is set for August 5-7. For ticket information visit: www.poconoraceway.comor call toll free 1-800-RACEWAY (1-800-722-3929)