Simplified Grandstand Seating Layout Announced

LONG POND, PA (February 17, 2014) – Pocono Raceway announced today they have simplified the way fans will find their Grandstands seats while attending NASCAR and INDYCAR events at “The Tricky Triangle.” This announcement comes one year after the Raceway introduced way-finding signage throughout their facility. During this simplification process, the actual location of previously purchased and/or available Grandstand tickets will not change.

The Grandstands have been split into three towers with Petty Tower, named after our inaugural NASCAR race winner and NASCAR Hall of Famer Richard Petty, France Tower, named after the founding father of NASCAR Bill France, Sr., and Donohue Tower, named after our inaugural open-wheel race winner Mark Donohue. The Grandstands have also been divided into three levels starting with a lower, 100-level closest to the racing action on the track, moving to the 200-level in the middle of the Grandstands and to the highest, 300-level with shaded seating and optimal views of the entire Raceway.

“One of the biggest issues we have had over the years was getting fans inside the track, through the gates and, eventually, to their seats,” said Pocono Raceway President/CEO Brandon Igdalsky. “Phase one of this way-finding project began last year with new signs both inside and outside the facility. As part of the second phase, we will simplify the way our Grandstand seating is arranged. The best part about this change is nothing really changes for the fan. Seats have not been moved and the prices of tickets stay the same. The only difference now, it will be easier to find your seats. Especially, if you are a first time fan.”

Historically, Grandstand sections were assigned an alpha-numeric name.  Now, Grandstand sections will more simply be referred to by number.  For example, section N-24 will now be referred to as section 146 and section S-22 will now be referred to as section 101.  The easiest way to follow this new logic is keep in mind high section numbers are located closer to Turn 3 and decrease, in order, as they move across the Grandstands in race direction towards Turn 1. For instance, using the 100 Level as an example, section 146 is located closest to Turn 3 in the Petty Tower, while section 101 is located closest to Turn 1 in the Donohue Tower. Accordingly, section 123 is located at the Start/Finish Line in the France Tower. The 200 and 300 levels follow this same logic, so, sections 201 and 301 are closest to Turn 1 in the Donohue Tower.

The new seating map, depicting the changes mentioned, and more information regarding this simplification process can be found at Fans may also contact Pocono Raceway regarding questions about these changes by calling 1-800-722-3929 or by reaching out to us via Facebook ( and Twitter (@poconoraceway).


  1. Mike Erlsten |

    I can say the Brandon has done a great job updating the track and making it user friendly for race fans with the new signs through out the facility . It allows the fans to experience Pocono without being rushed.

  2. Bob Lester |

    This awesome monument to the “Doc” lets them dance, stumble, sweep, and race. Thanks “Doc” for your vision, as well as the ones who followed up after your journey home. Thanks.

  3. Paul Marziani |

    Brandon, how about traffic controll at the end of the race. I have sat as long as 4 hours! Help me please.

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